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I’ve received various book stuff questions, so I figured a drive-by list here would probably answer several at one time.

Also, sometimes folks apologize to me for asking questions. Please don’t apologize. I’m more than happy to answer your questions about my books. It means you’re interested in them, which is an awesome thing.

So here’s a quick rundown:

*EIDOLON is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, however, I’ve delayed posting links here because there is a problem with the CSS code on the chapter headers that’s causing some devices to not see them.  The file has since been corrected and reloaded; however, it takes Amazon several hours to post the updated file, so at the moment, it’s the problematic file with the problem.  It may very well be that if you download, your file will look fine with no problems.  That’s been the case with most folks.  However, if you give it a few more hours before downloading, it should be fixed across the board.

* EIDOLON will be available in print format. I publish that format through Amazon’s Createspace. Once the file is uploaded, CS is pretty quick to make it available directly on their site. It takes about a week after that to sync up with Amazon itself so that the print format appears as an order option alongside the ebook format. So if you’d like to order the print version, you can go to Createspace to get it sooner or just wait a few days and order from Amazon itself.

* A few people have asked how they can get a print book shipped to them in countries like Portugal and S. Africa. I don’t know what restrictions, shipping requirements or prices are set in place by Amazon, but if you go out to their site and type in International Shipping in the Search section, it will take you to the page that lists instructions and informations for ordering, global shipping, policies, and pickup points.

* EIDOLON will be available in audio format. However, summer will be the earliest it will be ready. Formatting a book for audio format is labor-intensive and requires a lot of hours. Much, much more involved than setup for either digital or print format. Gabrielle Baker, my narrator for RADIANCE, will also narrate EIDOLON. In fact, I’m hoping I can shackle her to me to narrate all the Wraith Kings books.

* EIDOLON is the second book in the Wraith Kings series and the direct sequel to RADIANCE. There will be 6 books total in the Wraith Kings series. WK Book #3 is titled THE IPPOS KING and will go out in 2017. While Brishen and Ildiko will make appearances in the books in the series, they’ll be relegated to secondaries after EIDOLON. Book #3 focuses on Serovek and Anhuset.

* I’ve started preliminary work on the next project tentatively set for release in late May or June. This is a duology I’m in with Jeffe Kennedy, titled FOR CROWN AND KINGDOM. I’ll talk more about this once I’m a little further along with it.

* Someone asked me if I planned to formally publish CROW AWAKENED – the outtake from THE BRUSH OF BLACK WINGS. Answer: Yes. I’ll combine it with the short story STRONG BLOOD and an outtake I have planned as yet untitled but focuses on Brishen and Ildiko. That will be one of my summer projects.

* I’m coordinating and participating in an anthology scheduled for release October 1st called TEETH, LONG AND SHARP. Five authors (including yours truly here) are contributing stories based on the title’s theme. More detail on that later.

* MASTER OF CROWS is still scheduled to be produced in audio format. My narrator for that book is Jay Britton who’s currently having a pretty awesome sound studio built in his backyard. Once he gets that set up, work will commence on the book.

* If you like the cover art on my books and would be interested in ordering it as a print, on a mug, t-shirt or tote, please visit Society6. Both Louisa and Isis have accounts there with their illustrations available on various items. All proceeds go to Society6 and the artist. Isis’s account can be found under Helheimen Design. For some reason the Search option in Society6 won’t recognize Louisa’s name, though it’s how the account is set up. Just type in The Brush of Black Wings. You’ll see the print come up. Click on that to get to her account.

I think that’s it for the agenda. However, if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. Fan in California says

    Hope things are going better in your life. My Mom passed away unexpectedly in February so I agree that 2016 has started out crappy. Looking forward to Eidolon!!!

    • Grace says

      Thank you, Fan in California. And my sincerest sympathies to you and your family over the loss of your mother. :( 2016 has indeed been a tough year so far for a lot of people.

  2. JO says

    The Eidolon story was gripping and so very lovely. It flowed perfectly, and the mixed POVs felt balanced. Thank you! Looking foreward to the stories of the wraith kings.

  3. Kari Skouson says

    Hi Grace, I’m not trying to complain, but I haven’t been able to find Eidolon on Create Space yet. It doesn’t come up with a search. Do you know I f anyone has succeeded in getting it yet?

    I just don’t do ebooks yet but I’ve been waiting a year for this sequel, and really want to get it into my hands. Soon.


    • Grace says

      Hi Kari,

      The print format is in production now. I’ve formatted everything to the template, but I’m waiting for Amazon to send me a hard copy proof so I can review it and make certain the cover flat is fitted properly (no weird spine misalignments), the colors aren’t too dark, and there aren’t font size changes or added line spaces in the text that shouldn’t be there. Once I approve the proof, I’ll set it to go live and let folks know it’s available for order.

  4. Laura in Sweden says

    Just finished reading the book in one sitting. Wow..just wow…i love your work. I seriously do, and i can’t wait for the third book, as i literarly squealed when i read it would be about Sevorek and Anhuset.

    I hope things are better on your end, and i hope they will continue to improve. Wish you all the heatlh and streght in the world.

    • Grace says

      Thank you for your good wishes, Laura! And thanks for reading my stuff! I’m looking forward to writing Serovek’s and Anhuset’s tale. A very different couple dynamic there compared to Brishen and Ildiko, and I can’t wait to explore it.

  5. kitkat9000 says

    Downloaded and read Eidolon yesterday, and may I say thank you for a great read? I really enjoyed it, most especially the epilogue.

    Thank you for persevering and releasing it despite the various trials you and your family are going through at the moment. Having sat through a number of hospital vigils myself, I know the stress and strain one experiences during them and my hope for you & yours is that all went well. Thank you again and take care.

  6. Joy says

    Just read the new book and LOVE!!!!!

    Sorry about what is going on-my Mom has been in and out of the hospital last year and this year.

  7. Megan says

    Hi Grace!

    I remember first commenting on your website when you had done but a few chapters of Radiance, saying how exhilarating I found it. Now for Eidalon, the entire time I was reading it I was on the edge of my seat!! Absolute kudos on that – there are very very few authors who can captivate my attention that way (you, Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs basically). Just a quickie though; I’ll be honest, as excited as I am to see a book focused on Serovek and Sha-Anhuset’s tale, Ildiko and Brishen are my favourites – will they once again become the focus of a book in the series?

    • Grace says

      Hi Megan,

      At this time, Brishen’s and Ildiko’s story arc has concluded, so they’ll be relegated to secondary characters. The remaining books in the Wraith Kings series will focus on the other men who helped him in Eidolon – Serovek, Gaeres, Andras and Megiddo.

      • chrsd says

        I just finished Eidolon and just came across your comment. I am enthralled with your world building–well done!!

        I am so pleased to see that you will do something with your character Megiddo; I was heartsick over this character.

        I felt so connected to the characters so far. What a beautiful love story you have made with Brishen and Ildiko. When I read about the memory in the necklace, I was at work and had to force myself not to burst into tears.

        Well done, Ms. Draven!

        • Grace says

          Thank you!

          Oh yes, Megiddo will get his story and his resolution in the last book of the series. I’m so glad so many connected with him in Eidolon.

  8. LEA says

    Your books have been a breath of fresh air in this particular genre. You have a knack for weaving words so beautiful, the reader can almost taste them. :) As a literature teacher, I can’t say how much I love the way you create complex, multidimensional characters I can alternately love and despise. Add to that the spell-binding settings and interesting dialogue, and you’ve created a fan for life in me. Thank you!

  9. Pat Meyer says

    I’m looking for some of your earlier writings…2005 to 2008ish… but have not been successful. Are they still in print?

    • Grace says

      Hi Pat,

      Not at this time. The publisher returned rights to me in March, and I’ve set those aside for now with the intent of either re-editing them letting them remain dormant.

  10. Margaret says

    Love Brishen’s and Ildiko’s characters in Radiance and Eidolon. So glad you are developing the other characters, but please keep Brishen and Ildiko in play. They underpin the world you created, a pervasive sense of friendship and love triumphant in the face of so many different aspects of adversity (a reminder much needed in the realities and human tragedies of our world!) and it would be lovely to meet them again from time to time. Would you consider featuring them again in a subsequent book? I have now read all your other books. Thank you for many lovely hours of reading.

    • Grace says

      Hi Margaret,

      I’m so glad you like this couple. I’ve enjoyed writing about them in the first two books of the series. As I feel their main story has been told, they will become ancillary characters in the subsequent Wraith Kings books. Still making appearances and interacting with the principle couples in various ways but secondary to the story.

      Thank you for reading!

  11. Jacqueline Austin Payne says

    I love your that book 3 will so be available… I wanted to know somewhere in these series that Ilodiko n Briskane have a baby… they deserve that at least and that they magic be restored

    • Grace says

      Hi Jacqueline,

      When my editor and I were conceptualizing the story of Brishen and Ildiko, we decided that the differences in their species were enough that conception wasn’t possible. They are, however, willing and loving parents to Brishen’s orphaned niece. :-)

  12. Lisa says

    Hi Grace
    You are a very talented writer. I enjoy reading your books very much. Serovek and Sha-Anhuset are my favorite characters in Wraith Kings books. As you mentioned that Brishen and Ildiko have conception problem due to the differences in their species. I so hope Serovek and Sha-Anhuset could have a miracle baby in book 3 or somewhere in this series. I am barren myself and I hope the main characters in the books I read don’t have the same problem as I. Thank you so much for your wonderful books.

  13. Rachel Immel says

    I love all your books that I’ve found so far, but have one question. Will Magiddo be the Armageddon for the series? He’s the only character that has a name that has meaning in our dimension. Hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you and yours. Thank you.

    • Grace says

      Hi Rachel,

      Good question! While Megiddo’s name does bring to mind Armageddon (though I originally chose it for the actual battlefield Tel Megiddo), there won’t be an apocalyptic ending to the series. :-) Megiddo’s story will close the series arc, but the world won’t come to an end. I believe too much in the Happily Ever After to let that happen. :-)

      Thank you! I hope 2017 has been a good year and will remain so for you and yours.



  14. Heather says

    Hi Grace, I just wanted to leave a note to say how much I enjoy your writing. Your characters are always interesting and engaging. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. Hoping for Ippos soon!

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