Lover of Thorns and Holy Gods

13346519_1041688972590667_1589833389545955866_nA trio of short stories by Grace Draven!

Three stories by Grace Draven – STRONG BLOOD, CROW AWAKENED, and A MATTER OF TRUST.

STRONG BLOOD – Ballard de Sauveterre from ENTREAT ME crosses time to share a drink with Silhara of Neith from MASTER OF CROWS and discovers a connection that spans generations.

CROW AWAKENED – A short follow-up to THE BRUSH OF BLACK WINGS in which a terrified Silhara finally learns why his beloved wife Martise is fading before his eyes.

A MATTER OF TRUST – A cultural divide is resolved in the most delightful way between Brishen and Ildiko Khaskem. Takes place after RADIANCE and before EIDOLON.



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