Amazon is still doing publishing updates, so the book may not yet be available in all territories. Give it a little time. They’re moving fast today. I just did file upload about an hour ago.

Hope to see it go live on the other retailer sites such as iTunes, Kobo and B&N within the next couple of days. I’ll post when it does. I’m having to tweak the file upload for Smashwords (having weird issues with that one) but should have it resolved by this evening and live there. As soon as things get updated, I’ll post buy links. For now, here’s the one for Amazon US:

Lover of Thorns and Holy Gods



  1. Saro says

    Great to have the short stories in one compilation! I hope you continue to write them. Shorts don’t seem to get their due but they’re such a wonderful tradition in storytelling! Thank you!!!

    Just realized I’ve been reading “Smashwords” as “SmashSWORDS”. Huh.

  2. Rexy says

    Bought it, loved it! I’m glad to have Strong Magic and Crow Awakened in my collection now, and A Matter of Trust is a happy bonus. If you have more short stories up your sleeve, please keep them coming! Such as one that involves our friends from Gaslight Hades? ^_~

    • Grace says

      Hi Rexy!

      You’re in luck. Gideon from Gaslight Hades will have his own story in a tale titled Gaslight Viduus. Not sure of the final length yet, but it will definitely be longer than a short story. :)

  3. DS says

    Yay! Happy to see the stories all together in one place. I so love Brishen and Idilko too. Also, that snippet from Gaslight Viduus! *dances with glee* When I read Gaslight Hades, I told myself there was story there between Rachel and Gideon. Thrilled it’s getting written. Also learned a new word today: “In Roman mythology, Viduus (“divider”) was the god who separated the soul and the body after death.” Interesting… A divider in more than one way? *wiggles eyebrows* “Come on, Nate. We’re crashing a wedding!” <= this probably won't happen but it still amuses me

    • Grace says

      Hi DS!

      I’m really looking forward to writing Gideon’s story. I’ve scheduled myself to start work solely on it in October. I hope folks will like it.

      • DS says

        So exciting! 😀 I hope a description of his face is included. I love the scene where he talks to Nate and I’d like to know how he differs in bone structure given they all share the same coloring.

  4. Claudia says

    Thanks for the heads-up — it’s available on and I can’t wait to read the book!! I agree with Saro, short stories deserve more love.

    • Grace says

      Hi Esther,

      I apologize for the extreme delay in replying. I’ve let my blog lapse due to a heavy schedule and am just now catching up on comments. I’m no longer loading to Smashwords due to the difficulties of formatting anything than the most straightforward manuscript to their site. Their formatting software, aptly known as the Meatgrinder, makes formatting a nightmare in cases where it’s an anthology or collection of short stories that are being loaded. I go through a different distributor now. If you wish to obtain the book in an epub file or buy from another retailer besides Amazon, it is currently available on B&N, iTunes, and Kobo. Thanks!

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