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First off – a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to Isis Sousa of Helheimendesign Vuttudal for creating the illustrations and putting together this book trailer. Had I put it together in Power Point, it would have been excruciatingly simplistic. She went above and beyond and far exceeded my expectations for this trailer, including adding additional music and sound effects that I didn’t even consider. Magic doesn’t just exist in fantasy worlds. It lives among us, residing in people like Isis.

See the link below for the book trailer to EIDOLON. You’ll see on the page the playbox for the video under Author Updates. I hope you like it as much as I do. If so, please let Isis know here in the comments. She busted her ass on this book trailer.


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  1. Rexy says

    That was amazing and I’m so impressed that all superlatives have fled my memory. I’m just about reduced to stammering expletives in appreciation right now. I mean, wow…just wow.

  2. wilma says

    That was really awesome. just super fantastic. I wouldn’t have clicked the video without your comment and I am so glad you posted it!
    Can’t wait for the book either!

  3. says

    Beautiful!! The images in the trailer are a perfect match for the upcoming story. Haunting, intriguing, it pulls you in to the story. I am in love with Radiance, and I have no doubt that book two will be just as passionate and irresistible as the first. I mean it when I say I don’t think I can wait much longer :-).

  4. Valerie says

    Loved Radiance (read it 3 times) and now the Eidolon book trailer. It was really lovely. I am eagerly looking forward to reading Radiance again before I read Eidolon. But, I’ll wait until Eidolon is released so I can go right from Radiance to
    Eidolon. Hope it’s soon.

  5. bege says

    The drawings hinted at battles to come. Epic fantasy. No hint as to the final winning side.

    I found Brishen a majestic figure sitting on a sort of throne, his clawed hand covering his face.

    Yes, this was definitely the noble prince from Radiance.

    Even if I had not read that book, I would have cheered for this regal warrior. He had not given up, sat firmly with his feet on the ground, but oh, what bad news had caused him to hide his face ?

    I was both glad and sad to se the human Ildiko with her eyes a bit open.

    Knowledge of her from Radiance, and the quote about the crown, show her as a woman with a bright mind and female ability and willingness to take her part in battle.

    This Ildiko’s expression had such a…how to analyse it…so little spunk, to have given up, she merely existed. So had she lost her beloved prince?

    The cover showed them together. He protective of her, armoured, she unarmed, lightly touching him with a flat hand. Not clutching in despair or relief. So this must be before the battles.

    The initial music hinted at sad things, like death and a broken heart; the later thunder and choir could indicate many things, including war and noble warriors with a mission.

    I would like to read about a partnership, the two of them helping each other navigate the perilous times they face. He knowing his people, she knowing the humans.

    I don’t want a Divergent series or GoT pattern where people we got to know in the first book get killed off. We readers invest ourselves emotionally, and even knowing it is all make-believe, and not real life, long for goodness to overcome evil. If this is to be book two in a longish series (?) we can join our main protagonists face sorrow, separation, hardship and various other challenges. I do hope they have some fun and love along the way. And we can thankfully hope for Brishen and Ildoko finally finding the little queen, the niece who turned up in a snippet.

  6. Andee says

    Brilliant trailer. I can’t wait for the book to come out. I don’t care were your imagination leads you, just follow your heart and I will follow as a faithful reader.

  7. Heather says

    Awesome trailer! I cannot wait for the book. Isis is amazing, I loved the visual for the cover of Radiance so much that I bought a print and I am hoping to buy one of Eidolon to go with it. Keep up the amazing work I am waiting impatiently :) for Eidolon

  8. Bonnie M says

    Breathtaking trailer for an epic book series. I cannot wait for this book to release. Especially considering I read the first one in one day and was already wanting to read the second one. Keep up the Great work! I spread the name of your books to a bunch of people, it well deserves it, that’s for sure. :)

  9. Virginia says

    I simply cannot wait for the sequel to come out. I have watched and stalked waiting for this to come out. Is there any update as to a date?/

    • Grace says

      Hi Virginia. At the risk of jinxing myself, I’ll say it will be released this month. I’ll definitely post when it goes live.

  10. Carroll Armstrong says

    I have read both Radiance and Eidolon. Thanks 10^6 (a million) for 2 absolutely great reads! I will await the next book The Ippos King with great anticipation. I really love the tone and pace of your stories. I’ve just ordered Entreat Me and will be reading more of your stories.

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