Corrections to the EIDOLON file

Quick note to folks.

After 3 delays on release date, I was too eager to release EIDOLON once I put in the revisions sent by my editors. Thanks to some weird CSS code I couldn’t see in my Word document, TOC and chapter headers weren’t appearing on some devices. My formatter and fellow author, RJ Blain, came to the rescue and fixed the code gremlins. I reloaded the file to Amazon, and we were good to go.

Or so I thought.

Despite 3 pairs of eyes looking at the manuscript multiple times, there were still errors such as missing beginning or end quotes, missing words or words that were replaced with other words but not deleted out of the manuscript.

Those errors? Those are all on me. My editors catch tons of stuff and request changes. Unfortunately, I sometimes introduce new errors into my revised versions or take out the mistakes my editor marked.

This time I made a bad judgment call. I chose to proof everything myself and upload instead of turning it over to a proofreader beforehand. I obviously don’t have the eagle eye I thought I did. That, and I’ve been badly distracted by events at home (injured spouse with decreased mobility and a father diagnosed first with Alzheimers and then a brain tumor). Those aren’t excuses for loading a file that still had problems, and I’ve learned my lesson with this book. This is just to say mea culpa, and I promise to do all in my power to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

The file has been proofed by my proofreader and corrected by me and will be uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords tonight. Amazon usually takes about 24 hours to update. Smashwords is more immediate, but I’m not sure how long it takes for the third party retailers (like iTunes, Kobo and B&N) to update theirs.

ETA (5/3/2016) – Received notification from both Amazon and Smashwords that the corrected file has now been updated to their system.  If you wish to update your copy on your device, it’s ready to go.

Thanks for your support!



  1. C says

    Who hasn’t rushed through something they were excited about before? No harm, no foul!

    You are one of my new favorite authors, and I am still purchasing my favorite authors’ new books in hard copy. Any chance this will be released in actual book form at some point?

    Also, so sorry to hear about your dad. =(

    • Grace says

      Hi C!

      EIDOLON will definitely be available in print format. Now that my proofreader has sent back corrections and I’ve made them to the file, I can drop the text into a template set up for print formatting and upload to Createspace (Amazon’s print arm for self publishers). Once that’s done, I’ll order a proof from them to make sure the cover flat wraps around the book correctly and there are no weird font size changes, etc. showing up in the interior text. Once I give it a look-see and mark approved for publishing on Createspace, it takes about a half day to go live and available for ordering. When I get that notification, I’ll post here to let folks know in case they want to order a copy of the print version. :-)

  2. DMJ says

    Does anyone know how to get the updated Kindle version? I asked Amazon to deliver the book again, which it did, but the typos are still present.

    I think I’m missing something in the process.


    • Grace says

      I don’t know why that’s occurring, DMJ. Prior to upload, I ran a preview of the file and all the typos I fixed were fixed in the preview. That being said, I’m having trouble getting the new update to automatically update despite having opted in on Amazon for automatic updates and have submitted a ticket for resolution to Amazon. As soon as I can see my updates, I’ll let you know what file they sent to me. It’s very possible they sent you the wrong one. I wish I could help more, but the update function, etc. falls within Amazon’s control and is completely out of mine once I upload the file. :-(

      • DMJ says

        I get that… I thought I might be doing something wrong, but it sounds like the error is on Amazon’s end of things.

  3. Saro says

    I understand your frustration, and it must have been a disappointing moment when you found the errors, but h-e-double-hockey-sticks, I’m halfway through and losing my mind with how good it is!!! Can’t WAIT for the print edition to come out so I can put it on my special shelf and stare at it lovingly. Love, love, love with cherries and extra end quotes on top. Thank you!

  4. Erica Adams says

    I own kindle versions of both Radiance and Eidolon and a printed copy of Eidolon as well. A couple weeks ago I finished reading Eidolon and I must say, thank you. Thank you because I feel like a better, stronger person for having read it. I enjoyed the good times, the adventure, and the journey with Ildiko and Brishen, while crying my heart and eyes out over the bad times. Now I anxiously await the story of Serovek and Anuset in Ippos King. There were no loose ends in Eidolon but I’m sure we all still wonder the fate of Megiddo. Personally I would like to know your inspiration for your books. Your style of writing is so beautiful and defined. The details and vocabulary are wonderful. I’ve read several books in my life but only one other series as defined as yours. Books as great as yours are few and far between. Its hard moving on to another book when you know it will never compare to the treasure you recently finished.

    • Grace says

      Thank you for the lovely comment, Erica. I apologize for the delay in replying. I don’t tend to my website blog as often as I do my FB page.

      Megiddo’s fate: That will be addressed in Book #6 of the series. The Anastas King focuses on him and wraps up the entire series arc. I’m looking forward to writing his tale. :-)

      My inspiration for the books comes from all kinds of things, places, people, snippets of conversation I overhear, song lyrics, commercials, musical riffs, dreams, you name it. :-)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the Wraith Kings series so far. If you’re interested in reading other fantasy romance novels, I’d like to recommend the Twelve Kingdoms series by Jeffe Kennedy.



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