NEWSLETTER – better late than never. Woohoo!

A newsletter was never gonna happen without the help of my newly indentured assistant Kimberly Ladd.  Bless her, she took on this project with great aplomb after I sent it to her in the form of an e-mailed desperate cry for help.  We’re still figuring out what we want to put in the inaugural issue, but if you’d like to sign up for it now in anticipation of us sending you something that isn’t boring and doesn’t suck, click on the link below and fill out the sign-up form.

I’m on the last bit of THE BRUSH OF BLACK WINGS, and to be honest, it’s kicking my ass.  With my editor’s help and several phone calls that involved brainstorming and throwing out both good and really crappy ideas, I got past a glitch that was driving me nuts.  I’m not exactly blazing on the word count each day, but it has improved from 600 words that immediately went in the trash so I could start another 600 that met the same fate.  Over and over and over.  No longer slinging words into the virtual trashcan, so I’m calling it a win.

As most of you know, we’re on the final countdown for Ilona Andrews’ newest Kate Daniels book MAGIC SHIFTS.  I am seriously stoked about this book!  Also, Elizabeth Hunter will be releasing THE SCARLET DEEP the week after July 4th.  I hit the one-click button for pre-order the second that title went up.  Summer will be an awesome reading season for me, and I’m excited about diving into some excellent books.  I hope your summer TBR pile will be just as good.




Cover flat reveal for print version of RADIANCE

Quick miscellaneous note:  My website person (bless ’em – I know I drive them crazy) has added an RSS feed to my site.  Yay!

RADIANCE goes live next week in both ebook and print format.  I’m also working on the audio version, but that won’t be available until spring.  My narrator starts production on it mid February.  This is the cover flat for the print version:


RADIANCE-PRINT4-web promo smaller

This is the back blurb/summary:


Brishen Khaskem, prince of the Kai, has lived content as the nonessential spare heir to a throne secured many times over.  A trade and political alliance between the human kingdom of Gaur and the Kai kingdom of Bast-Haradis requires that he marry a Gauri woman to seal the treaty.  Always a dutiful son, Brishen agrees to the marriage and discovers his bride is as ugly as he expected and more beautiful than he could have imagined.


Ildiko, niece of the Gauri king, has always known her only worth to the royal family lay in a strategic marriage.  Resigned to her fate, she is horrified to learn that her intended groom isn’t just a foreign aristocrat, but the younger prince of a people neither familiar nor human.  Bound to her new husband, Ildiko will leave behind all she’s known to embrace a man shrouded in darkness but with a soul forged by light.

Two people brought together by the trappings of duty and politics will discover they are destined for each other, even as the powers of a hostile kingdom scheme to tear them apart.


Thanks for reading!




ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN – now available

I had the chance to work with the author Elizabeth Hunter, whose books I love and whose writing I admire, on a writing project for Christmas.  She and I teamed up previously in the anthology DARKLY DREAMING.  I wanted to do so again with original work that focused on a holiday theme.  Lucky for me, Elizabeth agreed, and we got to work on our respective stories (she finished hers way before I completed mine because she’s awesomely efficient like that).

Because the stories are themed based on a holiday, we had a pretty tight deadline for getting them finished and out there for folks.  As such, it was one of two reasons why I put RADIANCE on hold (I’m back on that horse now).

ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN is a duo of Christmas stories, with Elizabeth delving once more into her amazing Elemental Mysteries series.  My contribution, SUNDAY’S CHILD, is a stand-alone–a contemporary fantasy romance which is a little bit of a departure from what I usually write.  I enjoyed writing the story.  It’s a nod to my autistic son–my beloved puzzle piece–and the joy he bring to my family.

I hope you enjoy the tales.



Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.