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Black Hellebore: Wraith Kings Book 3.1

Black Hellebore: Wraith Kings Book 3.1 by Grace Draven

Date Published: Feb 2023

**The love story of Brishen and Ildiko continues in this Wraith Kings novella, set after the events in THE IPPOS KING - WK #3.**

To protect his people and save his kingdom from destruction, Brishen Khaskem made an unthinkable sacrifice, stripping all but the youngest Kai of their magic in order to transform himself and four others into powerful Wraith Kings who would battle the ancient malice known as the galla.

But victory comes at a high price. The loss of their sorcerous heritage is a bitter consequence for the Kai. When an unexpected enemy threatens the lives of his beloved wife Ildiko and his adopted daughter, the queen regnant, Brishen may pay the highest price of all. What will be the ultimate cost of reviving a dead legacy and regaining a lost hope?

A tale of trust and deception.

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