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A Memory of Summer: A Prequel to The Nomas King

A Memory of Summer: A Prequel to The Nomas King by Grace Draven

Publisher: Grace Draven

Date Published: Nov 2021

Spinsterhood has never bothered or embarrassed the independent Emerence Ipsan, and the winter festival of Delyalda keeps her far too busy managing her father’s shops to worry about matters as trivial as marriage.

Until the arrival of a young Quereci warrior with old eyes and an admiring gaze makes her question that notion.

A MEMORY OF SUMMER is a short novella that takes place in the world of the Wraith Kings series. For those who’ve read the first three books in the series (RADIANCE, EIDOLON, THE IPPOS KING), this storyline takes place after EIDOLON and before THE IPPOS KING. It runs concurrently with events in the novella IN THE DARKEST MIDNIGHT and reintroduces the Wraith King Gaeres.

~~This story was previously published in the 2020 anthology Under A Winter Sky.~~

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