A Thank you and an additional update

First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their patience while EIDOLON was delayed three times, for their best wishes and good thoughts regarding my husband’s and my dad’s medical issues, and for your kind words after reading the book. I’m both glad and incredibly relieved you’ve liked it so far. This was a difficult book to write from the get-go, so I’m glad it’s meeting expectations.

Print format is currently in production. I had to redo the formatting for the print template and am now waiting for the hard copy proof from Amazon so I can make certain all the various parts came together right: cover flat doesn’t have a weird bleed or spine misalignment on the typography, color isn’t too dark or too light, there aren’t font size changes or inserted blank lines in the text, etc. Once I review the proof and don’t find any errors, I’ll release it to go live and post that it’s available. My awesome website person, Kathryn, will also update on the book’s page with the buy link.

For the audio format, I sent my narrator, Gabrielle, the manuscript so she can look it over and start her side of the production process. She’s currently working on another project at the moment that hit her queue before mine did, so she probably won’t have a chance to peek at it until next week at the earliest. Estimated release time for the audio format is summer. I can’t give you a more exact date than that at this time. Audio book production is a labor-intensive collaboration with tons of hours put in by both Gabrielle (narration, post production) and me (post production). I love it, but turn-around time on this format is a lot slower than the one for digital or print format.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to give a shout-out to all the folks who helped me pull this book together. I’m not just EIDOLON’S writer; I’m also its publisher, so I wear a lot of hats and get a lot of help from talented, dedicated folks:

Lora Gasway – editor
Mel Sanders – editor
Isis Sousa – cover illustrator and cover flat designer
Kimberly Ladd – assistant
Jeffe Kennedy – beta reader
Ilona Gordon – beta reader
Gabrielle Baker – voice actor and narrator
Emma Ricks – model for Ildiko
RJ Blain – formatter
Kathryn Pope – website guru

An additional thank you to those who bought the book and read. I appreciate both your patronage and your time. For those who reviewed, many, many thanks for the signal boost!




  1. Pilar Seacord says

    It was wonderful to revisit Brishen and Ildiko’s world and to get some foreshadowing of Brush of The Black Wings!

  2. Sylvia says

    I’m still reading it, but loving it so far. In fact I was going to pre-order it but couldn’t find it on Amazon and it slipped my mind until someone on the discussion forum was like Eidolon is out and of course I one clicked that right away. Hope everything is going better for you and yours.

  3. cc says

    Was so happy to get this book. And I told everyone I know who reads your books. I did enjoy this book and decided to reread all your books. I can’t believe it now but I had Master of Crows for months before I read it. It was recommended to me and I picked it up, then waited to read. Now I buy everything you write. Thank you for many enjoyable hours of great reading.

  4. Saro says

    Huzzah!!! And congratulations!!! I’m too excited to think but am anxiously preparing the requisite line-up of perfect reading snacks. Thank you, thank you brave writer warrior woman! Huzzah!

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