A little bit of this and that – and a contest

I wanted to send out a sincere thank you to everyone who bought EIDOLON.  Thanks to your purchase, the book debuted on the USA Today Bestseller list at #107.  Awesome!  I celebrated by doing laundry.  :-)  However, I’m hoping to have a true celebration soon with a nice dinner out.  Doesn’t even have to be a fancy-schmancy place.  As long as I don’t have to cook it or clean up the mess afterwards, I’m happy.

Today is the first day of a contest/giveaway thing I’m participating in.  It goes until May 9th and the winners will be announced on May 10th.  The author Patricia Burroughs is heading the charge on this one, and it looks pretty cool.  I’d enter if I wasn’t participating.  Grand prize winner gets a Kindle Fire and 40 books.  Second place winner gets 40 books.  My contribution is a digital copy of EIDOLON.  These are all fantasy romance themed books, so if this is a subgenre you enjoy reading, then there’s lots of good stuff in the contest.  Follow the link for a look-see and enter for a chance to win:


Today is Monday; it’s overcast and cool.  A nice change from the muggy heat we’ve had the past several days.  I have a book to revise, a manuscript to edit, and typography to design for a cover.  I’m also eyeing the giant pile of laundry on the living room chair that’s calling my name, waiting to be sorted and put away.  Blergh.  The glamorous life of a writer.

Have a great week.





  1. Fan in California says

    So I take it the cover work is for Eidolon in paper form? Any ETA when it will be available . . . Notwithstanding laundry?

    Hope you get to go out to dinner soon — and thanks!!!

    • Grace says

      Hi Fan!

      The cover I’m working on is for a different book. The cover flat which will be for the print version of Eidolon is complete. I couldn’t finish the template for the print version until I got back my proofreader’s changes on the manuscript (we had some glitches like missing words and quotation marks, etc.) She turned it over to me last night and I corrected the file today. I’ll work on the template tomorrow and will upload it to CreateSpace where I can then order a proof of the print version and review it. Once I go through it and hopefully don’t spot any issues, I’ll give it the approval to go live and post a link to where readers can buy the print version. However, that will probably be a couple of weeks from now as I have to wait for Amazon to print and mail me the proof copy.

  2. Fan in California says

    You are a SWEETHEART for replying!! As John Lennon said “Life is what happens when you’re making plans.” You have plenty on your plate; I just want to make sure I don’t miss the release date. I will keep on eye on your blog since you are so very kindly updating us on your progress.

    Hope goes well on the home front; I have a 28 year old son at home with CP so I have any idea of what it’s like to have to be a caretaker along with everything else life throws at us.

    Thanks again!!!

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