Corrections to the EIDOLON file

Quick note to folks.

After 3 delays on release date, I was too eager to release EIDOLON once I put in the revisions sent by my editors. Thanks to some weird CSS code I couldn’t see in my Word document, TOC and chapter headers weren’t appearing on some devices. My formatter and fellow author, RJ Blain, came to the rescue and fixed the code gremlins. I reloaded the file to Amazon, and we were good to go.

Or so I thought.

Despite 3 pairs of eyes looking at the manuscript multiple times, there were still errors such as missing beginning or end quotes, missing words or words that were replaced with other words but not deleted out of the manuscript.

Those errors? Those are all on me. My editors catch tons of stuff and request changes. Unfortunately, I sometimes introduce new errors into my revised versions or take out the mistakes my editor marked.

This time I made a bad judgment call. I chose to proof everything myself and upload instead of turning it over to a proofreader beforehand. I obviously don’t have the eagle eye I thought I did. That, and I’ve been badly distracted by events at home (injured spouse with decreased mobility and a father diagnosed first with Alzheimers and then a brain tumor). Those aren’t excuses for loading a file that still had problems, and I’ve learned my lesson with this book. This is just to say mea culpa, and I promise to do all in my power to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

The file has been proofed by my proofreader and corrected by me and will be uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords tonight. Amazon usually takes about 24 hours to update. Smashwords is more immediate, but I’m not sure how long it takes for the third party retailers (like iTunes, Kobo and B&N) to update theirs.

ETA (5/3/2016) – Received notification from both Amazon and Smashwords that the corrected file has now been updated to their system.  If you wish to update your copy on your device, it’s ready to go.

Thanks for your support!


A little bit of this and that – and a contest

I wanted to send out a sincere thank you to everyone who bought EIDOLON.  Thanks to your purchase, the book debuted on the USA Today Bestseller list at #107.  Awesome!  I celebrated by doing laundry.  :-)  However, I’m hoping to have a true celebration soon with a nice dinner out.  Doesn’t even have to be a fancy-schmancy place.  As long as I don’t have to cook it or clean up the mess afterwards, I’m happy.

Today is the first day of a contest/giveaway thing I’m participating in.  It goes until May 9th and the winners will be announced on May 10th.  The author Patricia Burroughs is heading the charge on this one, and it looks pretty cool.  I’d enter if I wasn’t participating.  Grand prize winner gets a Kindle Fire and 40 books.  Second place winner gets 40 books.  My contribution is a digital copy of EIDOLON.  These are all fantasy romance themed books, so if this is a subgenre you enjoy reading, then there’s lots of good stuff in the contest.  Follow the link for a look-see and enter for a chance to win:

Today is Monday; it’s overcast and cool.  A nice change from the muggy heat we’ve had the past several days.  I have a book to revise, a manuscript to edit, and typography to design for a cover.  I’m also eyeing the giant pile of laundry on the living room chair that’s calling my name, waiting to be sorted and put away.  Blergh.  The glamorous life of a writer.

Have a great week.




A Thank you and an additional update

First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their patience while EIDOLON was delayed three times, for their best wishes and good thoughts regarding my husband’s and my dad’s medical issues, and for your kind words after reading the book. I’m both glad and incredibly relieved you’ve liked it so far. This was a difficult book to write from the get-go, so I’m glad it’s meeting expectations.

Print format is currently in production. I had to redo the formatting for the print template and am now waiting for the hard copy proof from Amazon so I can make certain all the various parts came together right: cover flat doesn’t have a weird bleed or spine misalignment on the typography, color isn’t too dark or too light, there aren’t font size changes or inserted blank lines in the text, etc. Once I review the proof and don’t find any errors, I’ll release it to go live and post that it’s available. My awesome website person, Kathryn, will also update on the book’s page with the buy link.

For the audio format, I sent my narrator, Gabrielle, the manuscript so she can look it over and start her side of the production process. She’s currently working on another project at the moment that hit her queue before mine did, so she probably won’t have a chance to peek at it until next week at the earliest. Estimated release time for the audio format is summer. I can’t give you a more exact date than that at this time. Audio book production is a labor-intensive collaboration with tons of hours put in by both Gabrielle (narration, post production) and me (post production). I love it, but turn-around time on this format is a lot slower than the one for digital or print format.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to give a shout-out to all the folks who helped me pull this book together. I’m not just EIDOLON’S writer; I’m also its publisher, so I wear a lot of hats and get a lot of help from talented, dedicated folks:

Lora Gasway – editor
Mel Sanders – editor
Isis Sousa – cover illustrator and cover flat designer
Kimberly Ladd – assistant
Jeffe Kennedy – beta reader
Ilona Gordon – beta reader
Gabrielle Baker – voice actor and narrator
Emma Ricks – model for Ildiko
RJ Blain – formatter
Kathryn Pope – website guru

An additional thank you to those who bought the book and read. I appreciate both your patronage and your time. For those who reviewed, many, many thanks for the signal boost!



Recent FAQ

I’ve received various book stuff questions, so I figured a drive-by list here would probably answer several at one time.

Also, sometimes folks apologize to me for asking questions. Please don’t apologize. I’m more than happy to answer your questions about my books. It means you’re interested in them, which is an awesome thing.

So here’s a quick rundown:

*EIDOLON is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, however, I’ve delayed posting links here because there is a problem with the CSS code on the chapter headers that’s causing some devices to not see them.  The file has since been corrected and reloaded; however, it takes Amazon several hours to post the updated file, so at the moment, it’s the problematic file with the problem.  It may very well be that if you download, your file will look fine with no problems.  That’s been the case with most folks.  However, if you give it a few more hours before downloading, it should be fixed across the board.

* EIDOLON will be available in print format. I publish that format through Amazon’s Createspace. Once the file is uploaded, CS is pretty quick to make it available directly on their site. It takes about a week after that to sync up with Amazon itself so that the print format appears as an order option alongside the ebook format. So if you’d like to order the print version, you can go to Createspace to get it sooner or just wait a few days and order from Amazon itself.

* A few people have asked how they can get a print book shipped to them in countries like Portugal and S. Africa. I don’t know what restrictions, shipping requirements or prices are set in place by Amazon, but if you go out to their site and type in International Shipping in the Search section, it will take you to the page that lists instructions and informations for ordering, global shipping, policies, and pickup points.

* EIDOLON will be available in audio format. However, summer will be the earliest it will be ready. Formatting a book for audio format is labor-intensive and requires a lot of hours. Much, much more involved than setup for either digital or print format. Gabrielle Baker, my narrator for RADIANCE, will also narrate EIDOLON. In fact, I’m hoping I can shackle her to me to narrate all the Wraith Kings books.

* EIDOLON is the second book in the Wraith Kings series and the direct sequel to RADIANCE. There will be 6 books total in the Wraith Kings series. WK Book #3 is titled THE IPPOS KING and will go out in 2017. While Brishen and Ildiko will make appearances in the books in the series, they’ll be relegated to secondaries after EIDOLON. Book #3 focuses on Serovek and Anhuset.

* I’ve started preliminary work on the next project tentatively set for release in late May or June. This is a duology I’m in with Jeffe Kennedy, titled FOR CROWN AND KINGDOM. I’ll talk more about this once I’m a little further along with it.

* Someone asked me if I planned to formally publish CROW AWAKENED – the outtake from THE BRUSH OF BLACK WINGS. Answer: Yes. I’ll combine it with the short story STRONG BLOOD and an outtake I have planned as yet untitled but focuses on Brishen and Ildiko. That will be one of my summer projects.

* I’m coordinating and participating in an anthology scheduled for release October 1st called TEETH, LONG AND SHARP. Five authors (including yours truly here) are contributing stories based on the title’s theme. More detail on that later.

* MASTER OF CROWS is still scheduled to be produced in audio format. My narrator for that book is Jay Britton who’s currently having a pretty awesome sound studio built in his backyard. Once he gets that set up, work will commence on the book.

* If you like the cover art on my books and would be interested in ordering it as a print, on a mug, t-shirt or tote, please visit Society6. Both Louisa and Isis have accounts there with their illustrations available on various items. All proceeds go to Society6 and the artist. Isis’s account can be found under Helheimen Design. For some reason the Search option in Society6 won’t recognize Louisa’s name, though it’s how the account is set up. Just type in The Brush of Black Wings. You’ll see the print come up. Click on that to get to her account.

I think that’s it for the agenda. However, if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

2016, you can have your crap back now.

Quick note:  I’m heavy into revisions on Eidolon.  I can’t give a release date.  My father just had surgery to remove a brain tumor, so things are in a bit of an upheaval at the moment, and I’m revising while doing vigil in the ICU.  I’ll update as soon as I have something more concrete.

Thank you,


A quick update on EIDOLON

It’s near the end of spring break here at Casa Draven, and while I actually did get writing done despite having 3 kids in the house 24/7 (along with a husband and his gimp ankle), I’ll be glad when school starts up again.

As I’ve received a few e-mails inquiring about EIDOLON’S status, I thought I’d post an update here.

The manuscript will be finished by March 31st, and one of my two editors has already edited the first 53k words.  Feedback from her so far has been that it’s a clean manuscript with only a few minor issues and two larger ones, which we’ve already resolved.  I just need to get in there and revise.  I’m hoping she says the same about the second part.  Once she edits that, and I make revisions, I’ll send it on to my second editor.  Afterward, more revisions, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll be light.  Both of my editors are fast and thorough, but I am, as usual, sending them stuff at the 11th hour.  I’ll compare their notes to anything my beta readers point out, and if there are differences, I may or may not make additional changes.  Then it’s proof-reading, formatting, blurb-writing (my least favorite thing in the whole process) and upload.  So hopefully by the 31st, and if not, then maybe a week later (guesstimate – give or take a few days).  I sorta like the idea of uploading on April 1st.  :-)

I’m taking my first editor’s advice to heart.  According to her “…we want this book to be right, not necessarily on time. It has the potential to knock the socks off Radiance...”  Motivational words from a wise woman.  :-)

In the meantime, I want to direct you to a pre-order button currently available on Amazon for a title by one of my all-time favorite authors.  Intisar Khanani writes YA fantasy.  I don’t typically read YA, but I’d read Khanani’s grocery list if she published it.  I fell in love with her work when I read her short story THE BONE KNIFE (permafree read on Amazon).  I then read THORN and SUNBOLT.  Her latest, MEMORY OF ASHES, is the second book in her Sunbolt Chronicles and priced at .99 cents.  SUNBOLT is  also currently .99 cents.  I definitely recommend the first book and can’t wait to get my hands on the second.  Hell, I recommend all her books.  She’s just a fantastic writer.

It’s Friday, and while a weekend is like any other work day for me, this one is one step closer to the end of spring break, so I’m celebrating.  I hope you all have a great weekend.



A little something extra in the monthly newsletter

February has been a rough month here at Casa Draven.  Spouse broke his ankle in three places and is bed ridden, and I have an elderly parent in decline, so things are a little chaotic these days.

Goodreads has listed EIDOLON with a new release date of March 31st, and I’m still shooting for that despite the unexpected issues that popped up this month.

My newsletter is going out tomorrow (February 29th) and will include the first four chapters (Prologue – Chapter 3) of EIDOLON.  Caveat lector – these chapters are rough drafts, therefore they are unedited, unbeta’d and mostly uncorrected.  What I always like to call the bedhead versions.  As such, be warned there will be typos and hiccups galore, and I can’t guarantee that some elements existing in the rough draft will still be there once my editors give it the once-over and I put in the necessary revisions and corrections.

These first four rough draft chapters will only be available in the newsletter (okay, the prologue is also on my blog, but we won’t count that), so if you’d like to read them prior to the final version of EIDOLON going live next month, please subscribe to my newsletter here:

Grace Draven newsletter





BENEATH A WANING MOON now available in audio format

I’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for it to go live, and it’s finally up. BENEATH A WANING MOON in audio format and narrated by her awesomeoness Gabrielle Baker of Gabrielle Voices is now available over at Audible.

If you’re unfamiliar with this title, BENEATH A WANING MOON is collaboration between Elizabeth Hunter and me (our second one) that was released in October 2015 in digital and print format. It contains two novellas, one from Elizabeth’s Elemental Mysteries series called A VERY PROPER MONSTER and a stand-alone by me called GASLIGHT HADES. That story is now actually a gateway story into more books, with the second tentatively titled GASLIGHT VIDUUS.

Anyway, if you like audio books and narrators with buttery voices, then I believe you’ll like listening to BENEATH A WANING MOON.