The Brush of Black Wings

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The Brush of Black Wings Book Cover

~The novella-length sequel to MASTER OF CROWS.~

During a foray into the woods of Neith, Martise stumbles upon a ruined temple and reawakens not only a power she thought lost, but also something far more malevolent. An ancient darkness, imprisoned in an eternal cage, sees a chance at freedom in a woman once held in bondage.

Desperate to save her, the Master of Crows will break the barriers of time and worlds to challenge an entity born of forgotten magic and the remnants of souls--a demon king who once led hordes of the damned across the face of the world.

The destroyer of gods will battle the destroyer of men to reclaim his wife and discover a truth the keepers of history once conspired to conceal.

A tale of revelation and redemption.

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Entreat Me Wins!

Entreat-Me_med Entreat Me has won Best Fantasy Romance 2014, decided by the Romantic Times Book Reviewers. Thank you all for your support!
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Radiance Cover

Praise for Radiance:

"Grace Draven has created yet another deftly drawn, richly characterized fantasy romance in Radiance. Brishen and Idilko shatter preconceived notions of traditional romance and bring readers back to what a love story is truly about: a passionate connection of the heart and mind. Radiance is one of my favorite romances this year."

Elizabeth Hunter, author of the IRIN CHRONICLES

"You don’t feel the entire scope of the book and thematic arc when you read it in installments. I mean, it’s great and you are hooked and can’t wait for the next installment. But just like binge watching Breaking Bad from the first episode to the last, the picture becomes so clear and you can marvel at each piece of the puzzle, pull it out and examine it and you’re like, my god, it’s bloody brilliant! How the hell did they do that?"

Cassandra Curtis, author of the SHIFTING TIDES trilogy

"Fantasy meets romance in a tale you won’t want to put down. Radiance is fresh, intriguing and completely captivating.

Kristen Painter, author of the HOUSE OF COMARRE series

"The story of Ildiko and Brishen has everything an epic romance of this type requires…It all adds up to a perfect combination of fantasy and romance I have not seen since her masterpiece Master of Crows."

Douglas Meeks, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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Praise for Radiance:

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The Light Within cover

A bonus short story featuring Silhara and Martise from Master of Crows.

In The Light Within, Silhara of Neith, now known as "the god-smiter," travels as the guest of honor to the winter festival of his father's people.

The crow mage who destroyed one god must ignite sacred fires in honor of another. Yet the winter festival only reminds Silhara that the brightest light within him isn't the fire of a deity but the devotion of one woman.

A tale of hope and celebration.


Author note: This short story is approximately 3,700 words and takes place after the events in MASTER OF CROWS.

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All The Stars Look Down is a holiday collaboration with Elizabeth Hunter.

My contribution is titled "Sunday's Child," and it is a contemporary paranormal. A duo of all-new Christmas novellas from two of the top names in paranormal and fantasy romance.

In SUNDAY'S CHILD, Grace Draven heats up a cold and lonely Christmas when museum archivist, Claire Summerlad, meets a mysterious new co-worker. Andor's past may be a mystery, but is a future with Claire possible with a centuries-old punishment hanging over his head? Father Christmas meets Norse mythology in this brand new Christmas novella from the author of Master of Crows.

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